Anatolij Dobrianskij’s Library

The municipal library named after Anatolij Dobrianskyj embraces the books, which he diligently collected during the whole his life – he bought them in bookshops, ordered in publishers, got like a present from his students and colleges, who brought them from all over the world.
Great amount of the books were presented by the authors, who also left their donative inscriptions. These books are kept in a memorial room of the library. Among them are books, signed by Lina Kostenko, Anatolij Solovjanenko, Maria Bijeshu, Ivan Mykolajchuk, Dmutro Gnatiuk, Bogdan Stupka, Ivan Drach, Ivan Dzuba, Mykola Vinhranovskyi, Dmytri Pavlychko, Igor Kalynets, Bogdan Melnychuk, Volodymyr and Myhailo Ivasiuk. Tamara Severniuk, Maria Matios, Galyna Tarasiuk, Sofia Maidanska, Natalia Kashchuk, Eleonora Solovei and other well-known personalities, who worked and are still working in a field of Ucrainian culture.