About Library

Anatolij Dobryanskyj Municipal Library is a non-commercial organization, cultural municipal institution which belongs to a communal property of territorial Chernivtsi community. The library is a legal entity, kept with the budget and own earnings. The library has all the necessary attributes of an independent organization (signet, stamp, own form and a separate estimate). The library is administrated with Chernivtsi Department of culture. It is located in the historical center of Chernivtsi (Ukranian Street #22) in the building (ground floor of a luxurious secession villa, which belongs to beginning of the twentieth century) of a former newspaper “Soviet Bukovina”.

The library has a public status.

The fund of the library on the moment of its establishing count books collected by Anatolij Mykolajevych Dobryanskyj during his life.
The main funds count 30 620 books and literature magazines. There are editions of Ukrainian and world literature, culture, art, history, pedagogy, philosophy, psychology, ethnography and other encyclopedic and inquiry information. Besides the opportunity of using books visitors can work with computers and internet.

On 30th of May in 2008 Anatolij Dobryanskyj Municipal Library got from Moscow, as a gift, a private library of a writer and a former prisoner of the Gulag Peter Zigmundovych Demant (08.02.1918, Innsbruck - 11.12.2006, Moscow).

His family arrived here from Austria and Peter Demant used to live in Chernivtsi since 1919.

In 1941 peter Demant was arrested and taken to Kolyma. In 1989 he moved to Moscow and bequeathed his library to Chernivtsi. The most part of Peter Demant fund consists of books in German, Romanian, French, Chinese, Arabic and Italian languages.

The library has seven author books of Peter Demant, which are written under the pseudonym Vernon Kress.

The tradition of such gifts continue well-known in Chernivtsi people, who have shared their own private libraries with us: prof. V. Antofijchuk, prof. S. Abramovych, prof. P. Rukhlo, prof. M. Krachylo, writers and teachers of the university – O.Romanenko, Y. Vyshyvanyj, political scientist I. Burkut; J. Elgiser, pianist and composer who is awarded by UNESCO as “Golden name of a world culture”.

The library increases its funds and still being replenished with modern editions.

The library has so called “Gold fund”, it includes books of Chernivtsi history, its culture and literature.